Monday VietNam stands as a pillar of proficiency, providing a comprehensive array of services designed to deftly steer through the intricacies of trademark applications. In the nuanced realm of intellectual property, the act of obtaining a trademark in Vietnam is crucial for agencies aiming to carve out a formidable market presence.

Comprehensive Translation Services

Understanding the nuances of legal terminology is crucial when entering a new market. Monday Vietnam’s translation services bridge the linguistic divide, ensuring that every document resonates with the clarity and accuracy required by Vietnam’s Intellectual Property Office. Their team of seasoned linguists specializes in legal jargon, transforming intricate paperwork into comprehensible content that aligns with local regulations.

Vigilant Trademark Monitoring

The journey of a trademark application doesn’t end with submission. Vigilance is key, and Monday VietNam’s trademark monitoring service stands guard. They keep a watchful eye on the application’s progress, swiftly identifying any potential roadblocks or oppositions. This proactive approach allows agencies to respond promptly to inquiries or challenges, maintaining the momentum towards successful registration.

Professional Advocacy and Representation

Navigating the legal landscape of trademark registration requires more than just paperwork; it demands a voice. We offer professional advocacy, representing agencies with articulate and persuasive arguments. Their expertise shines during the critical phases of objection handling and dispute resolution, ensuring that the agency’s interests are robustly defended.

Why Choose Monday VietNam?

Monday VietNam’s commitment to excellence is evident in their track record of facilitating smooth trademark registrations. Agencies benefit from their:

      • Expertise in Local and International Laws: Staying abreast of both Vietnamese and global intellectual property laws, we position agencies for success on all fronts.

      • Customized Support: Recognizing that each agency’s needs are unique, we tailor their services to fit the specific requirements of each trademark application.

      • Strategic Insights: With a deep understanding of the market, we provide strategic advice that goes beyond the application process, preparing agencies for long-term brand protection.


For agencies seeking to secure their trademarks in Vietnam, Monday Vietnam stands out as a partner of choice. Their comprehensive services, from translation to professional advocacy, ensure that agencies can navigate the trademark application process with confidence and ease.


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